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Was Stalin Responsible for the Korean War?

Understanding History & Its Implications (Second Half)

YeongJin Kim

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Was Stalin Responsible for the Korean War?

"Was Stalin Responsible for the Korean War" "The Korean War" Additional Information Bibliography "Who Started Korea?" What other factors might have contributed to changing Stalin's stance on the initiation of the war?

1. Possession of nuclear power by the Soviet Union
A) Atomic bombing on Japan by the U.S. in 1945
(Hiroshima & Nagasaki)
B) Successful testing of RDS-1 on August 29th,
1949, "Nuclear deterrence" or "Balance of terror"

2. "Acheson Line" (U.S. Defense Perimeter)
A) Speech on January 12, 1950, before the National Press Club Redefining the "Korean War" 1. The "Proxy War" (The Nature of the War)
- Definition: A proxy war or proxy warfare is a war that results when
opposing powers use third parties as substitutes for
fighting each other directly [Wikipedia]

2. The "Korean War": War of Ideologies? (The name of the War)
-> "The War of Titles"
ex). "Korean War" vs. "6.25 War(Incident)"
[Column on Choson Daily Newspaper]
1) "A brief history of nuclear weapons". <http://icanw.org/history>

2) "Cold Warriors - Dean Acheson". Encylopedia of New American Nation. <http://www.americanforeignrelations.com/A-D/Cold-Warriors-Dean-acheson.html>

3) “Proxy War”, Wikipedia: Free Encyclopedia <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_war>

4) Oberdorfer, Don. "The Two Koreas:
Revised And Updated A Contemporary History".
Basic Books, December 2001. 1) Stalin gave Kim Il Sung the green light to initiate an advanced aggression through encouragement and armaments
A. Kim Il Sung's Conviction for victory
1) Belief in the superiority of North Korea's
military power
2) Pro-North faction(Sympathizers) in South
B. Change of International Environment
1) Mao's Victory in China
-> "Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship"
2) Withdrawal of U.S. troops from the South

2) Stalin was 'responsible' for the Korean War but 'irresponsible' for the miscalculation
A. Damage to the interests of the USSR and the Communist world
1) China, in particular, had to bear the burden Paul Wingrove 1) DeanRusk and Charles Bonesteel On August 10, 1945
- Carved out a U.S. occupation zone in Korea
- They proposed that U.S. troops occupy the area south of the 38th parallel, approximately halfway up the peninsula and north of the capital city of Seoul, using a National Geographic map for reference
- No Korea experts were involved in the decision

2) As a result, Korea was divided into two temporary zones of occupation under the name of trusteeship
The Origin of the 38th Parallel
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