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Electricity Comes to Cocoa Bottom

No description

Fatma AlKhamees

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Electricity Comes to Cocoa Bottom

STANZA 1-Anticipation
STANZA 1-Anticipation
“Lit their lamps for the dark journey home”​
Indicates a sense of loss on the kids behalf since they have to wait a very long time to finally get what Mr Samuel already has.

“The moment had passed”​
This shows a sense of disappointment and how everyone was feeling a sort of emptiness especially since all the excitement and anticipation they were feeling was gone. ​
“Expect for a few rocks and hidden among mongoose ferns”

This line shows that the only thing left to even remember this moment is an inanimate object showing that how this is the only thing that will ever be able to recall this moment in years and that makes the reader feel sympathy for the town and their time of living especially in the society will live in now by being able to capture every waking moment of our lives.
“Tweet-a-whit” Onomatopoeia- sounds like birds churping again bringing a sense of movement with sound.

“Light! Marvellous light!” enthusiasm, the writer uses short sentences to emphasis the excitement of light finally coming to Cocoa bottom putting in exclamation points to further the exaggeration of how happy and excited the writer was.

“Swelling an swelling into the wind, such that the long grass bent forward” this is where drama occurs in the poem. Using repetition to show the power of the wind while also having a religious tone by using a simili as nature is also paying respect to the artificial light.

“and a voice in the wind whispered: Is there one among us to record this moment?” The tone is reverential now, for a life changing even why didn’t anyone record the memory? As nobody can answer the tone changes to sadness as no one can recollect the memory.

Electricity Comes to Cocoa Bottom
Fatma Al-Khamees
Sheikah Al-Habshi

“Then all the children in Cocoa Bottom went to see Mr. Samuels electric lights”​
Firstly the story starts off in a very exciting way with 'Then'. You can see that it starts off in a very simple, anticipating, exciting and short start off.​

“lamps filled with oil” ​
This point is really ironic and contradicts the whole statement since they’re there to watch the new technology creating a sense of confusion.​

“Watching for sunset” Irony here in them waiting for natural sunlight to fade so they can watch artificial light.
There are a lot of points showing the idea of technology versus nature and it is shown in many quotes in the first stanza..​

“The cable was drawn like a pencil line across the sun”​
“The fireflies waited in the shadows” ​
“their lanterns off”​

The fireflies point is quite an intriguing one because they are willing to turn their most promising feature for something more artificial and in a way they understand how momentous it is, this is a technique is called magic-realism.
The author of the poem shows her authenticity when she mentions the “Kling-klings”​
“yellow, orange” the scene becomes darker but the poem is very colorful.​
“Grannie Patterson peeped through the crack in her porch” you can tell she is very interested into what is happening but is very nervous and anxious to what this could bring into their simplistic life.
The use of language in this stanza is very strong, like when she mentions that;​

“breeze coming home from sea held its breath” this is a clear view of personification that makes the reader be able to relate to how the moment must've been even for the inanimate objects.​

“as soft as chiffon curtains” this is sibilance which creates emphasis on a certain point and makes the poem run and sound more smoothly. ​

“Light!” - A very simple word gives off a sense of excitement like explosions and fireworks. It finished off in an exclamation point to emphasis the anticipation and how fascinated everyone was.

“Mr. Samuel smiling,” he sounds pleased in what he has done, he sounds like a local celebrity

“a silhouette against the yellow shimmer.” The writer really crreates images in the readers mind to make it more anticipated because the images of contrasting light makes is so realistic.

“fluttering of wings,” The writer has been describing the story with still-like images- with this phrase everything starts moving again because ‘fluttering’ it sound like butterflies fluttering their wings creating such a melody that makes the still like image have some movement. Like watching a painting come to life.
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