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Sales Management Mars Simulation

No description

Patrick Jamar

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Sales Management Mars Simulation

Appropriateness of Firm's Goals and Objectives Quality of Strategies Used Recommendations for
Future Action Analysis of Past Performance Goals Beginning Strategies used - poor
Competition with a merchandise-based compensation
Gave recognition freely to people who liked it
Ending Strategies used - improved
Competitions were more spaced out
Only one person awarded recognition Mars Simulation Better Implementation of competitions
Have Competitions be more spread out
Have greater rewards
Give more dollar compensations
Recognition should be used more sparingly
worth more to recipients
Keep an eye on the competition
Make a list of employees personalities Objectives Changes Cool Kids
Marketing 431 - 02 Patrick Jamar, Janelle Hineman,
and Kari Rosenstiel Decision 5 Decision 6 Decision 7 Decision 8 Decision 3 Decision 4 Decision 1 Decision 2 Overestimated bonus quotas
Katie's salary Change accounts
Setting quotas Change quotas
Katie's commission Change quotas
Pay raises
Research Reports
Supervision Quotas
Bonuses Contest
Salary Competition
Quotas Katie's salary
Recognition Quota struggles
Motivating Maximize salesperson performance
Environment Perform above the industry mean
Increase sales each period
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