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330 Innovation Park PV Design

Collaborative Design Project for Solar Energy Conversion Systems, EGEE 437, Spring 2010, taught by Dr. Jeffrey R. S. Brownson.

Jeff Lackey

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of 330 Innovation Park PV Design

PV Design for Bldg 330 @ Innovation Park EGEE 437 Spring 2010 Hassan Aljama
Mesude Bayrakci
Jacob Follman
Jeffrey Lackey
Stephen Suffian + high absorptivity
+ thin film
- low efficiency
- not abundant + deposition on multiple substrates
+ thin, flexible
- degradation with increased light exposure (Staebler-Wronski) + very thin, flexible
- not commercially available
- expensive vacuum production + thin, flexible
+ performs well at high temperatures
- not commercially available
- liquid electrolyte not robust + cheap production
+ widely used on market
- large quantity of material used CdTe a-Si CIGS DSSC poly-Si Total Radiation Total Power TRNSYS Model Operation and Maintenance:
$0.01/kWh, which makes it $289/yr Electricity Export Rate:
$96/MWh, which makes it $2887/yr Inverter Lifetime over 20 years
- No replacement is needed SREC trade:
$225/MWh which makes a saving of $6,975/yr Economic Analysis inputs: Capacity factor 15%
T&D losses 4%
Inflation Rate 3%
Discount Rate 4%
Project Life 25 years Initial Costs Emission Analysis Net annual GHG reduction:
29.9 tons CO2 Equivalent to 71.6 barrels of crude oil not consumed 13,234 liters of gasoline not consumed 31 people reducing their energy consumption by 20% PV Design Self-imposed requirement:
3% of Energy Consumption
=2,236 kWh/month Sizing Array 106 kWh/kW/month (monthly energy need) 2236 kWh/month (monthly radiation per kW) 21.1 kW (minimum array size) Inverter Requirements Solution Cash Flow THANK YOU 106 kWh/kW/month KWH used Per Month
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