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Engineering project about a tracking flash drive that would alert you when is left behind by blue tooth .

Erick Arrue

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of usB-Smart

usB-Smart "An unforgettable product" Dedicated Team Erick Arrue
Eric Cespedez Key features & Benefits Always be within walking distance of recuperating your USB.

Peace of mind that you won't leave your personal data behind.

4gb of memory to store and secure a vast amound of data.

200 hours of standby time on one charge

Big saving by not having to replace your lost USB's

Easy tp use and set up, Compatible with any blue tooth smart phone.
So.. What is this usB-Smart thing about? Have you ever forgot or lost your usb?
Missplaced priceless data and personal information
togheter with your work?
Losing or forgetting and USB can be a major
incombenient most of the time We decided to Take Action What Now? What does the Future of
usB-Smart provides? Not Just a great product but a "Brand"
dedicated to simple tracking devices that
would make you life easier and secure Future applications

Key chain tracker with a functional Led Hand bag or Laptop fashonable lock How does it works The transmiter clip, attach it to anything you want to keep
close by and secure A picture is worth 1000 words, how about a video?
more that light your
way, it will remaind
you to grab your key This keychain will do This lock will alert you when your itmes are out of range! Great to caught thieves on action! The answer usB-Smart
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