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The Maze Runner Plotline

English 9

Ashley Mermolia

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of The Maze Runner Plotline

The Maze Runner
James Dashner Thomas, the main character, is introduced. Setting: Poorly built structures and a gigantic wall encasing it. A maze is outside the walls. Thomas sees that they need to escape the Glade and the maze. Thomas finds out about what can happen when you get stung by a Griever or when you're out in the maze at night. They escape the maze. More characters are introduced.
(Chuck, Alby, Newt, Ben, Minho, and others) Thomas wants to be a Runner but he feels like he NEEDS to be one. A new character Teresa is introduced. Ben attacks Thomas and is then put into the maze to die. *Thomas risks his life to save Alby and Minho. Thomas figures out that him and Teresa can communicate telepathically. Teresa tells Thomas telepathically that they were the ones who put everyone in the Glades. Teresa has triggered the Ending. They find a secret "hole" by the cliff that could be a way out. *They figure out that the Maze is a code. *The Ending starts happening. One person will die a night until either they escape or they are all dead. They start to decode what the maze is trying to tell them. Thomas purposely gets stung to see if he can remember anything that will help get them out of the maze. Alby sacrifices his life to save the others, but everyone waits too long. Thomas, Teresa, and Chuck jump through the Griever Hole to punch in the codes to shutdown the grievers. Chuck is killed by Gally who tried to throw a knife at Thomas. They all meet the Creators, which is a company called WICKED. People come and rescue the survivors (Gladers). The Gladers learn that something has happened with the sun. There's a Stage 2 that The Gladers do not know about. *The majority of the Gladers fight the Grievers to escape the maze.
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