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3.5 - Photosynthesis and the Environment

No description

S Mahendran

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of 3.5 - Photosynthesis and the Environment

Chapter 3.5 Photosynthesis and the Environment Rates of Photosynthesis Photosynthetic Efficiency Done Photosynthesis! Determined by how much O2 is evolved and how much CO2 is absorbed
Remember: photosynthesis, cellular respiration and photorespiration occur all the time within a plant
Therefore we measure net gas exchange (pg 173)
Light compensation point - CO2 released by cellular respiration = CO2 absorbed by photosynthesis Temperature and Oxygen Temperature - does not affect light reactions, but does increase rate of the Calvin Cycle (light independent) Photosynthetic efficiency: net CO2 uptake per photon absorbed aka quantum yield
C4 plants are more efficient at higher temperatures than C3 plants - WHY? Review Assignment - Photosynthesis Love Letters Irradiance Light saturation point - at this point, enzymes in the Calvin Cycle are completely saturated with substrates. Increasing irradiance won't increase rate of photosynthesis Light response curve Rate of Photosynthesis Oxygen - high oxygen levels = higher levels of photorespiration = lower levels of photosynthesis Sun Plants Vs. Shade Plants Shade plants - leaves are thinner, broader and greener (what makes them greener?)
More efficient at low light intensities
Sun plants - have higher light compensation points than shade plants the green lines are photosynthetic efficiencies Form groups of 5
Ms. Lai will give each group a scenario
You will write a love letter, rap, song, poem or anything creative from the perspective of one part of photosynthesis to another.
Ex. A green plant writing a love letter to chloroplast thanking them for what they do.
There are certain words you must use
On Dec. 3rd, you will be presenting your love letters, songs, poems or raps to the class - 5 minutes each Have Fun! Need some examples? Want some more review? Excellent youtube review videos:
Kahn Academy - Photosynthesis
Kahn Academy - Photosynthesis: Light Reactions 1
Kahn Academy - Calvin Cycle
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