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Copy of Yearbook Theme Pitch

Social Networking

eric pries

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Yearbook Theme Pitch

Brief Overview of Idea/Rationale DESIGN ELEMENTS Additional Elements YEarbook Theme Pitch: By: Maya, Maddie, Kira, Gillian and Leslee Social Networking Quotations What's on your mind? (What they like about Ross)
Notes + Messages - Grads
140 Characters
Quotations from each event/club/sport Surveys and Polls (Activities and Interests) What website do you spend most time on?
Tumblr Folio Tabs:

the facebook unknown
person icon with the page
number in the middle of the
head. KEEP IT SIMPLE! What's your relationship status on Facebook?
In a Relationship
It's Complicated
In an Open Relationship
In a Civil Union
In a Domestic Partnership Who do you follow on Twitter? How many friends do you have on Facebook? Whats your favourite Youtube Video?
Charlie bit my finger etc Table Of Contents:

The facebook search page
with the options being all
aspects of Ross. (sports,
friends, clubs, activities)
Will be searching John. F Ross instead of Facebook. Colours: Fonts: Diversity
Relationships Events
Social Networking Values and Similarities Recognizable Repeatable Relevant -Trend in society
-How youth connect
-Communication nowadays
is about connections and
social networking
-Yearbook all about "faces" Many similarities: Terminology
All about connecting Endsheets Spin-Offs Student Life Spin-Off: Recent Avtivity
Academics Spin-Off: Applications
Groups Spin-Off: Groups
Sports Spin-Off: Sports
People Spin-Off: People You May Know
Ad/Community Spin-Off: Links
News Page Spin-Off: News Feed
Closure Spin-Off: Log Out What's your favourite app? The main colours would be white with
different shades of blue. Conveniently
Facebook and Ross have these main
colours in common. With the yearbook
being in full colour, it would work well
to have simple colours, so the colour
pictures really stand out. Facebook Newsfeed appearence Ideas:
-tagged in a picture
-now friends with
-status chage
-changed profile picture
-likes a group
-posted a picture
-blackberry/mobile post
-TBH (to be honest)
-wrote on someones wall The fonts in the yearbook
would be very simplistic,
use bold fonts, similiar to
the fonts used for facebook,
the font colours being just
black, white and blue. How most of us connect
and communicate
outside of school -Used by most students
at Ross Backgrounds -White and blue
-Blue bars on top and bottom of page What do you 'like' on Facebook? THE END Dividers Titles Related to both Ross and Facebook, to keep the theme
ex: Mug shots: Friend requests
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