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I Even Funnier

No description

isabella lusk

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of I Even Funnier

Jamie Grimm
Main Character
Supporting Characters
Main Character
Character Traits
Summary of the plot
Jamie has a dream...to win The Planet's Funniest Kid Comic Contest.He's excited to compete and WIN.Everything was pretty much okay until his uncle had a stroke and could not take him.Jamie was really sad watching the semi-finals go on without him.But something happened the executive producer saw his video[taped by Gilda] on YouTube.They chosen him to compete in the finals.After a lot of bad luck, HE WON!!!
March 14,2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
I Even Funnier
The moral of the story is no matter how much bad luck you might have there will be good luck too.The story taught me not to give up.There will always be a rainbow after the storm.
Term 3 7th grade ELA Book Report

Isabella Lusk
6/7th period
By: James Patterson
The book takes place in Long Island,New York.
Most of the book takes place in school.Later in the book his uncle's diner is the main focus.
Jamie Grimm is paralyzed from waist down from a car wreck."When I was in the hospital recovering from my accident..."page 17. Jamie also loves comedy,"As the winner of New York State's planets funniest kid comic contest..."page 31.Jamie doesn't care about being in a wheelchair, he has a dream
Jamie is an amazing character that
won't let anything get in his way.He
has a very fun personality.He loves
to tell jokes and make people happy.
I love the book.It was just a great story that touched my heart.I read this book over and over again.
My favorite part was when he won the finals. He was so excited to win it just made the book amazing.He is now The Planet's Funniest Kid.
Favorite Part
My Opinion
Uncle Frankie-Jamie's biggest fan who lets him and Gaynor live with him.A short time after Uncle Frankie had a stroke.Jamie had to move out so he could rest.

Gilda Gold -Jamie's friend that helps him through tough times.She goes all over town shooting videos.She loves making and posting movies online.
Gaynor-Jamie's friend.His mother was diagnosed with cancer.Gaynor was troubled greatly with this.
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