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Dakota Ledbetter

English 2 project

Dakota Ledbetter

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Dakota Ledbetter

Sindbad the Sailor N. J. Dawood About the author He was born in 1927 to an iraqi jewish family. He moved to england 1945. He graduated at london universtity. He translated the book Sindbad the sailor in english in 1956 . When translated it was one of the best selling english translated books in the world. About the story When Sindbad gets back to iraq he wants to sail around the world. They get to a island when Sindbad was taking a nap when his ship and his crew left him. He found him self in a valley of giant snakes the can swallow elephets and a big bird named Roc. He looked in the vally when he saw glorious light it was diamonds with deadly snakes and vipers all around the tresure His name is N. J. Dawood He found a cave that he thought he could be safe in. He saw at the other end of the cave a snake coiled up with its eggs, Sindbad got terrifed. He is known for english translation of the Qur'an. Merchents soon came to the island and found Sindbad. The merchents led Sindbad back to where they were staying and gave him food and water. When Sindbad got back people came from all over place to hear his stories and adventures. setting This story took place (786-809 A.D) This takes place in Baghdad which is now called iraq. Sindbad was a poor guy, he was a baggage carrier. He always wondered why the rich men deserve such wealth. He talked about when he was merchent in the regin of Harun. Pop eye and Sindbad In the end of the story the porter thanks that Sindbad deserves wealth and riches. Main character The main character is Sindbad. The story talks about Sindbad for all of the story. The whole story is all about Sindbad and his adventures. Merchents that was on the island before would throw sheep carcasses on the diamonds so the vultures would swoop down and get the meat. The world when this takes place This story takes place along time ago. There was no cars or trucks or eletronics. The transportation back then was on a ship.
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