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Future Media YouTube Prezi

No description

Alex Quartermain

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Future Media YouTube Prezi

YouTube's History and Technology
YouTube's services and innovations
SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
• Google support

• Unmatchable mass and traffic size

• Youtube helps users to get promotion

• Youtube serves in 61 languages
• Difficulty tracking payments to up-loaders

• The comment section is not supervised

• Users can upload copyright videos or contents

The Formation of YouTube
• The platform is designed to allow
users to monetize their videos

• Up loaders promote Youtube

• Creative freedom for the user

• Youtube partner program

• Raising competition

• Great amount of ordinary content

• Government censorship policy

• Legal issues with intellectual property

• Government restrictions

• Exposure of sensitive information

• High cost business operation (Storage/Bandwidth)

• Higher demand for advertisement on online videos

• Google fundamental economical support

• Tech savvy generation
(social network, online shopping)

• Changing consumers buying behaviour

• Incorporating technology in education

The Evolution of YouTube
Monthly Users
3 Million
200 Million
1 Billion
Available Languages
Video Uploaded
13 H/Minute
100 H/Minute
The Homepage of YouTube
"Community where people are entertained, informed, educated and inspired through the sharing of video."
YouTube's Supported Formats and Resolutions
Supported Resolutions
Supported Video Formats
Video Streaming Possibility
YouTube's Users
Comedian - Logo, Extended Profile,
CD Purchase Link
Youtube Competitors
Director - Customised Profile, Profile Info
Guru - Logo, Extented Customisable Profile
Musician - Logo, Extended Customised Profile,
CD Purchase Link
Reporter - Extended Customised Profile
Basic YouTuber
YouTube and Social Media
Nielson- August 2012
• Rapid technological innovation and development

• Cost saving for customers and business

• Advancements into E-Commerce

• Personalised and customised service

Content ID
Copyright filter system
Over 100 Years per day
Copyright content control
YouTube's Approach
Crowd Sourcing
Content Providers
Users/Content Consumers
Content Providers
55% Ad revenue
Ad Revenue
P`artnership Program
- 2007
Partnership offer
YouTube's Income
Streams/Income for Users
Partnership Program - Thousands making 6-figure salaries

Content ID (2007) - 3 Options, can be abused

YouTube Marketplace - User profiles for advertisers
How do People
use YouTube?

Music vs. Gaming

Exclusive content

Viral Marketing
YouTube's Impact
upon Industry

Youtube Analyses
YouTube Market Share

1 billion+ p/m
6 billion+ p/m
100H/pm uploaded
80% Non-US
Millions of
subscriptions p/d
4x from 2012
1.5 Million
164m p/d
130m p/d
40% of watch time

500y watched p/d
700 videos shared p/m
Video Aderstising
Thanks For Watching

Alex Quartermain - 21149424
Miguel Santos Oliveira - 21139552
Rui Martins Da Silva - 21154365
15th February 2005
November 2005
December 2005
November 2006
Google Acquisition
for $1.56 Billion
YouTube Domain Registered
10 Million Dollar Investment
from Sequoia Capital
YouTube Officially Launched
"Why do I need a Google+ account to comment on a [YouTube] video?"

Jawed Karim (YouTube Co-founder)
Reference List
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