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Der Himmel über Berlin | Wings of Desire (1987)

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Bela Kelbecheva

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Der Himmel über Berlin | Wings of Desire (1987)

Der Himmel über Berlin | Wings of Desire (1987)
I - Berlin, the embodiment of Cold War tensions
a) The City as Background

Meditation on Berlin’s history
The disenfranchisement of the German identity as a result of the Cold War
Reconciling the Deutsche Gheist und Seele
b) The city as main character
Accumulates Berlin’s past, present and future in fragments - documentary footage of the Nazi past
A resolutely divided city, struggling with its place in space and time - walls and borders
The personal barriers and boundaries that individuals erect around themselves
Secrecy of consciousness
II – The Characters as Representation of a Struggling German Identity

a) The Angels: Damiel and Cassiel
b) The Humans: Marion, Homer and Peter Falk
Human freedom, which can be achieved, by a reconciliation of opposites: Damiel and Marion’s deconstruction of the barriers that kept them apart."Wings of Desire" is the most optimistic of films, finding freedom and potential in the quotidian privileges.
1987 Franco-German romantic fantasy film directed by Wim Wenders
The experience of human love as driving force
The cast includes Bruno Ganz as Damiel, Solveig Dommartin as Marion, Otto Sander as Cassiel, Curt Bois as Homer, the aged poet, Peter Falk as himself The film won the award for Best Director at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival. In 1988, it won the prestigious Grand Prix of the Belgian Film Critics Association.

How does the movie Wings of Desire announce the end of the Cold War?

Humanized, elevation of the everyday
Damiel reconciliation with human life is Berlin reconciliation with its past.
Damiel the angel who wants to descend into the impurity of earthly life, and Marion the non–angel who wants to rise above her state of isolation and loneliness might be said to meet half–way
American influence
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