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Woodland Cree's psychological needs

No description

Aditi Kapil

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Woodland Cree's psychological needs

Woodland Cree's
Psychological Needs By: Aditi Kapil 6B Religion Elders Marriage Family and Clans Family and Clans were important to the Woodland Cree's psychological needs because it gave them a nice, comforting group that made them feel good and happy. When a child is born, they would join their father's clan and learn their jobs when they are older
Every person in the tribe was respected and treated as if they were brothers and sisters
The Woodland Cree lived in clans of 25 to 30 people
Lived in family groups in winter and gathered in larger groups in the summer
They lived in a camp full of wigwams Marriage is important in the Woodland Cree tribe because the tribe people can have someone to make them feel more comforted. Religion was important to the Woodland Cree's psychological needs because the Woodland Cree need beliefs to lead them in a good lifestyle. The Woodland Cree's religion involved many rituals and respect for many things
They respected animals, plants and humans because all those things had spirits
They also thought a healthy balance between body, mind and spirit
They expressed their spiritual beliefs and values through music, stories and ceremonies The Woodland Cree's belonged to the social part of culture. Elders were important to the Woodland Cree's psychological needs because elders were good teachers to the people and the children. Elders were old and wise people in the tribes of Woodland Cree and they had very important roles in the tribes
Their roles were to teach the children history, stories and the values of people
the elders also taught love, respect, honesty, sharing, kindness, obedience and respect for all living things Elders were very respected for their wisdom and relationship with Mother Earth and the Spirit World. Woodland Cree's psychological needs are met by family and clans, group, social roles, marriage, elders and religion. People can not get married to someone in the same tribe as them
The only way people can meet people from other tribes to marry is when all clans meet together in the spring for duck hunting
The rules of marriage were very strict and there were many tasks you had to do. Ex. the man that wanted to marry the young woman would have to kill a moose or deer to be accepted to the family The Woodland Cree's rituals were led by people called shamans
The shamans performed ceremonies for the animals they hunted to thank the creator for the blessing
Another ceremony the shamans led were ones when people die to bless the persons spirit. Which lasted for many days
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