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charlotte's web

No description

Paxton Johnson

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of charlotte's web

A girl saves the runt-of-the-litter pig. He goes to a farm and makes friends with a spider. They try to keep the farmer from wanting to kill the pig for food. The spider writes words in her web. The pig lives, the spider dies. The End. Charlotte's Web by: E. B. White presentation by: Paxton Johnson Synopsis/Plot! Setting Summerset County -Fern's house/farm
-Zuckerman's farm
-the Fair Zuckerman's farm:
-yard: opportunity for self-obtained freedom not real Main Ideas! * you can only get freedom/become saved through faith in Christ! -this also shows Wilbur's faithfulness -smokehouse: represents death, or hell -barn: all the animals, and Wilbur, are trapped there, or so they see it, but safe Fair: represents fate, the conclusion of situations happens here Main Character Wilbur the pig Main Character Charlotte the spider Fern Arable -little girl
-saved Wilbur from being killed by her dad as the runt
-"childhood stage" Avery Arable -Fern's brother
-mischevous minor Mr. Arable -kind, supportive Mrs. Arable -doubtful
-doubts miracles, her daughter minor minor the Zuckermans Mr. Homer Zuckerman -holds Wilbur's life in his hands
-but doesn't realize the importance of his decisions Mrs. Zuckerman -wife of Homer Lurvey -hired hand of the Zuckermans
-dumb the Arables Farm Animals 1 Horse- Ike 2 Cows- Bitsy & Betsy 5 Sheep- Samuel, & others 2 Geese- Gussy & Golly 1 Rat- Templeton -naive
-"saved" in the end -hates spiders -Samuel is the leader
-bossy, acts intelligent
-the others are followers -very negative
-eat all the time -Gussy is nice to Wilbur
-Golly just tries to please his wife always -mean, ugly, rude, narcissistic
-no one like him
-compulsive hoarder, slob, glutton -runt
-saved by fern
-born at Arable's then moved to Zuckerman's
-innocent, young, naive... child
-everyone loves him in the end (even Templeton)
-ordinary, small, child can't make a difference -faithful -lives in the door corner at Zuckerman's farm
-Wilbur's best friend
-very smart
-kind, caring, positive, calm/composed, motherly morals themes * Charlotte is a Christ Figure! * The author uses Charlotte's teaching to appeal to the younger audience! More plot details... -Wilbur gets too big so has to go to farm -all animals think he's annoying at first -Wilbur escapes one day but returns -The rat tells him that he is going to die at Christmas -Charlotte promises to keep him alive to see the snow -Charlotte spins a web that says "Some Pig"
-later followed by ones that read, "terrific", "radiant", and "humble" -people travel to see the famous pig -Zuckerman takes Wilbur to the fair -Wilber loses to a fat pig next door -they give him a medal anyway -Charlotte made an eggsack -but now is too weak and dying More Plot Details... -Wilber gets Templeton (who has been helping all along) to get the eggsack -They leave, Charlotte stays and dies on the ledge -Wilber gets to see snow -The babies hatch (514) but float away -three babies remain: Joy, Arainia, and Nellie -Charlotte didn't leave with her death, she remained in all the hearts, and she changed the place forever #2. you can only get freedom/become saved through faith in Christ -the escape! -the webs Chacters! Wilber is very faithful #1. the author uses Charlotte's teaching to appeal to the younger audience -introduced words like: salutations= hello magnum opus= great work languish= die converse= chat terrific radiant humble anesthetic appetite Charlotte
is a Christ Figure! -no pen -born in barn -teaches followers -persecuted -performs miracles -never breaks promises -stuck on wooden ledge to die, can't get down -remained in hearts after death
-people want to tell others about her -changed the world -rids the barn of pesky insects -sacrificial death to save Wilber -cows eating!
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