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The Giver: Social Commentary

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Logan DeChristopher

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of The Giver: Social Commentary

If you look past government control and other obvious commentaries, there are far moe debatable concepts in media that can spark a good conversation about topics that further effect everyday life.
Death Penalty/Lethal Injection
In both The Giver and in real life, commiting treason, or an act against your country, is a very serious offense. In real life, treason is punishable by the death penalty, along with crimes like terrorism, murder, etc. In The Giver, you can be puished to death for treason, violating major community rules, and even being unhealthy at birth.
"He pushed the plunger very slowly, injecting the liquid..."
At this point, a new child is 'released' for not being healthy for community life, similar to how criminals are given lethal injection for major crimes. The difference? In The Giver, you can be punished for having health issues at birth. This eliminates future citizens that aren't 'fit for community life'. This is why i believe that the death penalty should be heavily limited, so we don't break the eighth amendment right.
"Then, in the same way that his own dwelling slipped away behind him as he rounded a corner on his bicycle, the dream slipped away from his thoughts. Very briefly, a little guiltily, he tried to grasp it back. But the feelings had disappeared. The Stirrings were gone." The government in The Giver don't want a free tinking community, so they use medications to suppress any and ALL emomtion. This leads to people neglecting natural human emotions, and creating a more robotic society. That would be a nightmare... A country without freedom, shouldn't be a country at all.
The combination of lethal injection and emotional suppression creates a society where everyone is soposed to be free and happy, but is more communist community with robotic citizens to serve the government. If the community were allowed to think freely, they could find a better system of equality, and live happier lives. America has always stood by giving power to the people, lets hope it stays that way.
Emotional Suppression
In The Giver, people are given daily injections that suppress emotion, which the government believes is beneficial for citizens. In the real world, emotional suppression has negative effects, such as anxiety and nervous excitement.
The Giver: Social Commentary
The Giver by Lois Lowry
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