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Gift Cards


Stanley Greidinger

on 9 December 2009

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Transcript of Gift Cards

Gift Cards Porno That Creepy Aunt with a mustache I-tunes engament rings Significance of goods and gifts Gifts Commodity Exchange Marcel Mauss:
“things sold still have a soul. They are still followed
around by their former owner, and they follow him also.”
Bertell Ollman:
“Man is said to be separated from his own products, he has no control over what he makes or of what becomes of it afterwards” C. A. Gregory

“Commodity exchange relations are objective relations of equality established by the exchange of alienated objects between independent transactors. Gift exchange relations are personal relations of rank, established by the exchange of inalienable objects between transactors who are related.”
Obligation Solidarity Never Voluntary symbol of the relationship Things given expect
return “friend” suggests an
obligatory relationship Class Clan CEO manager worker GOODS Subordination Child Parent Grandparent Hierarchical relations Vertical GOODS Relation Class Clan Workers Siblings Horizontal Same level Vertical VS Horizontal Individual Vertical Horizontal Gift Cards Horizontal Vertical
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