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national digital resource bank

A teachers guide to the national digital resource bank

Fiona Iglesias

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of national digital resource bank

Search Find Preview Download ndrb Search Find Preview Download What is the ndrb? a huge bank of resources what can I do with them? pretty much anything! just remember the three golden rules attribution
share-alike - you must say who owns it - you can't make any money off it - you must share anything you use it in under the same open license sounds good but what kind of resources are they? BIG Medium Sized small tiny where do the resources come from? all over, here's a list of some of the people that have contributed resources Anti-Slavery International
ARKive Education
Barnsley LA
Blackburn with Darwin LA
Cancer Research UK
Christian Aid
Department for Children Schools and Families
Dogs Trust Doncaster LA
Durham CC
Education Bradford
Knowsley LA
Central Manchester CLC
North East Manchester CLC
North Yorkshire LA
North West Learning Grid NHS
Oldham LA
Salford LA
Schools Wikipedia
Uk Office of the EU Parliament
YHGfL OK, I like it, how do I get to the resources? Go to www.ndrb.org.uk The national digital resource bank Here's some other useful stuff Rate/Comment/Send/Bookmark Multi-lesson Complete single lesson or topic Lesson part - game, presentation, etc Podcast, animation, image, etc RSS
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