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A Children's Novel

Tes G

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Montréaux

Montreaux 70 will be marketed through its engaging message, "We're Individual. So are you."
Our product speaks to the individual
Bottom line: each individual deserves to indulge
Big or little, all individual actions are celebrated
Social media campaign
Market trends show that the US chocolate market is in its prime for new products
US annual growth rate 2007-2011: 2.9%
Total revenue of chocolate growth: 1.9%
Annual expected growth through 2015: 2%
Growth of bagged chocolate: 7.6%
Premium chocolates have become mainstream
Sales benefiting from dark chocolate health effects
Montreaux Chocolate should launch nationally
Montreaux Chocolate USA
Apollo Foods 2013
Apollo Foods 2013
Only Plausible Way
to Achieve Goals
1. National distribution of new Montreaux product line

2. $115 million in annual sales

3. Be in top 25 in revenue for chocolate sales (.60% market share)
The Data
1. Further Product Testing

2. Launch in Selected Test Markets

3. Stage a Regional Rollout

4. Launch Nationally

Apollo has four options to consider for the future
Apollo has three clear goals for growth by 2015

Apollo Foods 2013
Apollo Foods 2013
Montreaux Chocolate should launch nationally
Here's how:
Product Type
Target Consumer Group
and Value
Here's why:

Montreaux Chocolate will be branded to position itself as a distinct proposition in the premium chocolate market
Communicate that the product is healthy
The taste is bold, distinct, and unique
Draw upon European heritage of the product to establish credibility
Positioned as an affordable luxury

Data proves
National launch is best strategy
Cocoa Percentage
Target Consumer Group
Women ages 45-64
Educated, married with children
Household income 50,000+
Concerned with health and weight
Likely to purchase chocolate for self as reward
DC Lindts : 5.1 oz $4.99
Ghirardelli : 4 oz $8.99
Our Price : 5 oz $4.49
Different types of fruit flavors, colors, and textures were considered
Focus groups proved that flavors of cranberry, blueberry and pomegranate were the best tasted
Two options: 70% cocoa vs. 90% cocoa
Qualitative research in the form of taste test focus groups showed consumers preferred the taste of the 70% cocoa to the bitterness of the 90% variation
Montreaux Chocolate should launch nationally
Advertising campaign
Market Trends
Some consumers preferred smaller squares in a 5 oz. pouch while others preferred a 3.5 oz. bar
Diagnostic research found the 5 oz. stand-up pouch with healthy positioning offered greatest revenue potential
The pouch was a more unique concept than the bar and posed a less risky form of packaging
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