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Oasis Team Day 5 May 2010

No description

Arnie Swiegers

on 12 February 2012

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Transcript of Oasis Team Day 5 May 2010

COSMO CITY Diepsloot & Malibongwe Ridge Kya Sands Zandspruit Rest of north-western Joburg Thabo Mbeki Our vision is for community a place where everyone is included, making a contribution and reaching their God-given potential Local communities that are characterised by trust, safety, cohesion, mutual, support, vibrancy,health and opportunity,and have increasing capacity to address their own issues People who are excluded from community brought back into community and finding wholeness and fullness of life The replication of effective models Inspire & equip Change Agents that work to

•Integrate our diverse community and build a lively civil society, passionate about transformation and community-lead development

•Reduce the incidence of HIV, prevent AIDS and empower people to take responsibility for their own wellness

•Develop children and young people so that they live vibrant, healthy lives, are in sustainable employment and able to engage effectively with the world

•Develop the capacity of Oasis South Africa to ensure sustainability as well as contribute to that of our global family

•Share what we are learning and inspire other communities to action Community Mobilisation
Community Activities Home-based care
Primary health care services
Greenlight & One Love Bridge the Gap
Youth development
School support Skills for Life
Other processes Change Agents work towards strategic objectives Cosmo City becoming a transforming community Change Agents (and others) continue working towards a better community Is our vision Christian? What is core to the Oasis ethos? 1.God created me

2.I am a sinner

3.Jesus came to die for me

4.Until I accept him as Lord & Saviour I cannot receive the abundant life God has for me 1.Jesus explained that God loves me unconditionally

2.God longs for me to be part of his plan for creation

3.Jesus teaches that no-one can keep me from this except my own decision

4.Jesus' death & his resurrection from the dead prove that he was telling the truth so we can trust him All people are made in the image of God, He is already active in everyone’s lives and in all communities.

Our role is helping each other progress closer to God through expressing our love, prayers and testimonies in culturally appropriate ways.

As we all grow closer to God and the areas of our lives submitted to the Lordship of Jesus increases, we and our community will also increasingly experience the Kingdom of God that Jesus taught about.

God, in a world full of injustice and enmity, is in a special way the God of the destitute, the poor and the wronged and that it is therefore our calling as followers of Jesus to stand by people in any form of suffering and need How do we each relate to this?

What does it mean for my project?

What does it mean for us as a team? Oasis ethos? Projects Research Feedback Annual Report Implementation Funds are awarded or denied Follow-up Proposal Writing identify projects to apply for according to priority - Potential donor criteria
- Compatibility
- Process of application
- Deadlines
- Required proposal format - Tailor make proposals according to contents required

- Submit proposal - Email
- Phone call
- In- person - Acknowledgement call, email
- Thank you letter
- Tax exemption receipt
- Progress reports full report on completion of allocated funds to project Vision Evaluation Ongoing monitoring Individual focus areas Global outcomes 5 yeear strategic objectivs Goals for each year Matrix for each programme Gant chart
& budget Year plan
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