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Bhopal Disaster

No description

Chris Robles

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Bhopal Disaster

Bhopal Disaster
Affect on Abiotic/ Biotic Factors
It polluted the air, the water and the soil so no new crops couldn't grow
land pollution due to uncontrolled disposal of industrial solid and hazardous waste is also a problem throughout India
with rapid industrialization, the generation of industrial solid and hazardous waste has increased appreciably and the environmental impact is significant
Killed more than 3,800 people immediately
People near the plant began to feel their eyes burning
later generations will also suffer with birth defects due to the incident
vast cloud of MIC and other chem. settled over much of Bhopal
More than half a million people were exposed to the gas
What was done?
Organized a team of top medical experts with the local medical community to help identify the best treatment options
Provided a lot of medical equipment, supplies and expertise to the victims
Openly shared all published and unpublished information on methyl isocyanate with the Government of India
a team of MIC experts were sent to Bhopal on the day after the tragedy, which carried MIC studies that were widely shared with medical and scientific personnel in Bhopal
Set up a 100 million dollar trust fund for the patients that were harmed in the disaster
Offered a 2.2 million dollar grant to establish a vocational-technical center in Bhopal to provide local jobs.
On December 7, the first multi-billion dollar lawsuit was filed by an American attorney in a U.S. court.
When and Where?
December 2nd-3rd, 1984

Bhopal India
Chemical leak toxic gas got into the air
Carbide pesticides plant
27 tonnes of methyl isocyanate was released into the air.
Plant stopped production of pesticides in the early 1980's, large amounts of chem. remained
Every system to prevent a leak was turned off
Safety systems weren't working
untested technology was used to construct factory
Cut backs were made
How was the problem fixed?
environmental awareness and activism in India had increased
The Environment Protection Act was passed in 1986, creating the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) made India take good care of the environment.
Under the new act, the MoEF was given responsibility for administering and enforcing environmental laws and policies, it established the importance of integrating environmental strategies into all industrial development plans for the country.
despite greater government commitment to protect public health, forests, and wildlife, policies geared to developing the country's economy have taken precedence in the last 20 years
Laws Passed?
In March 1985, the Indian government enacted the Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster Act of ensuring that claims arising from the accident would be done speedily
Act made the government the sole representative of the victims in legal proceedings within and outside India
In 1986 Congress passed the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act as a response to the disaster in Bhopal
legislation forced companies to disclose information about chemicals use and discharged from their facilities and to develop early warning systems to notify communities whenever chemical releases or accident occur.
What we would have done differently?
Safety would have helped prevent the incident
No cutbacks in money
Making sure maintenance inspections were well done
Not leaving a lot or any chemicals in the plant
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