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Ex Machina

No description

Martins Boss

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Ex Machina

IT guy Caleb wins a workplace lottery to spend a week with his genius boss, Nathan at his mountain house, but when Caleb arrives at the location he finds that he will have to participate in a strange and fascinating experiment in which he must interact with the world's first true AI (artificial intelligence), a beautiful robot girl. Target audience for Ex Machina are people, who like futuristic, mystery thriller with deep understandability and mind games, but in interview, director said that, movies primary target audience is the nerdy, intelligent crowd with a affection for technology. Movies genre is fantasy-drama.
Main Cast
"Ex Machina" is directed by Alex Garland, also known as a writer for "28 Days later" and "Sunshine". Domhnall Gleeson stars as Caleb, Oscar Isaac stars as Nathan, and Alicia Vikander as Ava.
Nathan tasks Caleb with engaging Ava in a test in order to determine whether his AI (artificially intelligent) creation can think and act like a human. As you might expect in a film about a young man, a charming robot girl, and a billionaire with a god complex locked up in a high-tec bunker, things will start to go wrong. Movie has American characters and settings but a very European feel. Film was shot in Norway and at the Pinewood studios. Ex Machina is old-fashioned, grown-up science-fiction and it is a stylish throwback to 1970s movies such as "Demon Seed" and "Westworld" and cleverly plays on fears that robots will make all of us "out of date".
IMDb rated this film with 5 stars, based on 174 staff reviews. Ex Machina leans heavier on ideas than effects, but it's still a visually polished piece of work—and an uncommonly engaging sci-fi feature. On Metacritic, the film has a score of 78 out of 100, based on 42 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews. IGN reviewer Chris Tilly gave the movie a 9.0 out of 10 'Amazing' score, saying "Anchored by three dazzling central performances, it's a stunning directorial debut from Alex Garland that's essential viewing for anyone with even a passing interest in where technology is taking us.
Box Office

Critical Reception and Audience review
Budget for Ex Machina was estimated $11 000 000.
In first week, Ex Machina made $5,349,500 and was screened 1,255 times in USA. By 15 May, Ex Machina, worldwide made total $26,187,268.
International Box Office Gross Top 3 for Ex Machina
Box office gross Total
Qualitative Research
Test screenings were used before actual movie was released to determine either to remove or re-film scenes. Movie was shown to small audience, which is made of professional critics and random people, before movie was released. Most test screenings questionnaires and surveys are focused on what movie did well and what went wrong. According to imdb, test screenings were mostly positive and no changes were made in a movie and people enjoyed it.
Alex Garland
Domhnall Gleeson
Oscar Isaac
Alicia Vikander

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