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who are you today mariaand the medicine bag project


Riley Edmonds

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of who are you today mariaand the medicine bag project

In the "Medicine bag", martin has to carry on his culture. He does that by wearing a medicine bag that has been passed down through the family.In "Who are you today Maria?", maria is going to school.She is going to wear clothes from her family's culture. Summary How the character changes Characters Environment Martin is affected by his environment because he doesn't know much of his culture because no-one has ever told him about what he is. When his grandpa shows up at Martins house, he tells him much about his culture.Maria is affected by her environment because when she is going to show off her culture at school, she doesn't know much about her culture. And it is difficult to know what to wear at school. The Characters relationship with a grandparent Martin is not very close to his grandparent and he doesn't know his him very well. When Martins grandpa shows up, he is excited to meet him. Maria's relationship with her grandparent is very close because she knows a lot about her and her culture. When she is going to school and is going to wear clothes from her culture, she is very excited but a little nervous. Characters attitude toward their cultural heritage Martin respects his cultural heritage and when he is ready he is going to get a medicine bag that has been passed down through their family. That medicine bag is to show what cultural heritage he is from. Maria has a good attitude toward their cultural heritage because her grandparent has told her a lot of where she is from. She is very curious to learn about her culture and is very proud of it. Martin finds a lot about his heritage and is happy to get the medicine bag. Maria has changed too because she finds out more about her culture and respects it By Riley Edmonds
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