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"I am the Scientist"

No description

Molly Beachum

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of "I am the Scientist"

Purpose Question
How does Delay Time Affect Memory Retention?

DEPENDENT VARIABLE: memory retention

CONTROLLED VARIABLES: people, age range (13-10) of people, number of deiffrerent genders ( 15 girl and 15 boy) video, video length, video complexity, questions being asked, complexity of questions

If there are various lengths of delay of time for treating memory of subjects, then subjects with longer delay of time will not remember as much as compared to someone with no delay of time because the person with the longer delay of time has had distractions during the delay of time rather than the person who has no delay of time has the facts fresh in their mind
"I am the Scientist"
By: Molly Beachum

"I am the Scientist"
By: Molly Beachum
Purpose: discover how time delay affects memory retention

Results: There was a higher number of correct responses from the shorter delay times (Right After and 1 Hour Later) than the longer delay time (1 Day After).

Reason of Results: When subjects have many verbal “distractions”, they are more likely to recall information that is incorrect.

More Verbal "distractions"= Less correct recalls
Worked Well: Consistency of correct/incorrect responses and the overall result.

Didn't Work Well: 1 Hour Delay questions: more correct answers than Right after Delay responses

Improvements: include the subject to give their name and age on the forms, clearer or HD video

Research: coordinated well with results and hypothesis

Farther Investigation: Visual v. Audio presentation on memory.

Pictures From Video
Right After Video 1 Hour Later 1 Day Later
Right After Video 1 Hour Later 1 Day Later
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