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Human Rights

No description

Alle Jasso

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Human Rights

Human Rights BY:
Allesandra Jasso
Isabelle Velloze
Sydney Cheung Education in US -economic gap between rich and poor increasing
-4th country in world with worst income inequality Slavery in Indonesia 2.5 million+ Indonesians from poorer regions
Most work in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia
Migrant workers
Many girls trafficked from all over Slavery in India Every year, girls trafficked
Work 15 hours a day
Salaries well below $125.
Government says 5 million employed, but activists say could be 10 times that
Often use rape as a tool of control Slavery in Mekong Region 11.7 million slaves in Asia.
Most from Mekong Region
Slavery has flourished here
Forced prostitution, forced labor, sex trade
Traffickers lure victims with promises of good jobs and better lives
Victims suffer extreme physical and mental abuse Slavery in Central America Indigenous are vulnerable to be entrapped as laborers
Labor traffickers round up in Mexico and help enter the U.S.,
South Asian tsunami orphans work in Haiti
Jean R. Cadet Statistics
- 10% above richer income while 10% below poorer income
-70 point jumped to 125 point difference in SAT tests
-the number of bachelors degrees given to the top10% richest is increasing, while the 10% poorest is decreasing Gay rights in the Czech Republic -In May 2013 a man was denied professorship due to his support of gay marriage. Education in Nigeria -10 million children in Nigeria still don't have an education
-approximately 61 million children in the world are denied the right to get an education
-1/6 of the 61 million children are Nigerian Slavery in Ghana Lisa Kristine visit Ghana
People wading in pools, invested with mercury, panning for gold
Mines Shafts
Menuru Gay rights in South Korea -In South Korea homosexuality is still seen as taboo
-Hate crimes as a result Education in India -highest rates of malnourishment in the world
-governments have tried to help the problem by free lunches
-lack of qualifying teachers
-in 1964, India has spent less 6% of G.D.P. on education Gay rights in France - In May France became the 14th country to legalize gay marriage - The legislation was met with a rise in attacks against homosexuals Gay rights in Russia - The Russian government denied advocates' request to hold a pride parade - A man was beaten to death in southern Russia by an anti-gay gang Gay rights in New Zealand - Became first Asian-Pacific country to legalize same-sex marriage - Bill is opposed by conaservative religious officials Gay rights in Australia - Government feeling pressure after bill in New Zealand was passed - In September 2012 Australia voted against a bill similar to the one in New Zealand Gay rights in South Africa - First African nation to legalize same-sex marriage Gay rights in Uruguay and Argentina Education in Israel -Israel has the 5th worst income inequality
-rich and poor students had an average of 88 point difference in international exam
-Israel had more than 100 point difference Slavery in Brazil The eastern Amazon region, remote, ranchers feel few restraints
Bring fines.
Make Brazil's exports of beef, soybeans, timber and pig iron cheaper
U.S. companies import
Slaves harvest Brazilian tropical hardwoods such as cumaru, ipe and jatoba,
-"Australia's Green Party, the only one to officially support same-sex marriage."

-"When New Zealand gave women the right to vote in the 1800's, it took Australia nine years to follow suit." Why Gay Rights Matter - Some argue that civil unions and domestic partnerships are a good substitute for marriage Why Education Rights Matter - While civil unions and domestic partnerships give some benefits, they aren't recognized outside of their state and can be complicated - People who are against gay rights lash out with physically and emotionally painful hate crimes -everyone deserves to have a right to education
-educates the youth which paves the way for the future
-75 million children have no access to BASIC education
-776 million adults are illiterate and had no education Uruguay - Uruguay legalized in April and Argentina legalized 3 years ago Argentina Wilfred de Bruijn was attacked in France when he was walking with his boyfriend Russian police breaking up a rights rally in July 2012 Works Cited http://freedomcenter.org/slavery-today
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/gay-marriage/ Right to Education Project -aims to promote social mobilization and legal accountability
- focuses on the legal challenges to the right to education
-check it out!
http://www.right-to-education.org/ Working For Equality - Getting same-sex marriage legalized - Differing views and opinions complicate the issue - Stopping hate crimes Solutions to Slavery Donate Money
Free the Slaves Organization
Increase Protection
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