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How does fashion affect our society?

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Crystal Cruz

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of How does fashion affect our society?

How does fashion affect our society?
Fashion in America
Who defines what is in style?

This book goes into detail about the history of fashion trends and how fashion has affected women. Style has changed from conservative dress to hippie, free spirit and many more. With the change of style comes the change of perception on women and how women view themselves. Fashion can have a greater impact on women mentally. The fashion industry and media has shaped our culture and blows up the public with its idea of beauty. Women obsess over this image depicted by the media and think that is what is beautiful. This is also what makes trends popular because they sell if the people are convinced it will make them attractive.
Fashion in Different Countries
Each time I have been to El Salvador, I have to pack for warm weather. I also go to the conservative countryside. This video shows what is in style in El Salvador, but in the city and more urban areas. You can see the interviewers are wearing more flashy shirts and jeans, but they are showing that skirts are in style. Where I go, the majority of the women wear longer skirts and dresses. Jeans are becoming more common amongst the younger generation but for the most part, floral print, long, flowy skirts are always in style. Here in the U.S. when it gets hot, most women wear short shorts or maxi dresses and those are two styles I rarely see in El Salvador. Although I will say that the urban style is greatly influenced by American hip-hop culture and style. It is outdated but some of the clothing looks like something you would see in a P.Diddy music video from the early 2000's. Younger people dress like this while the older generation, especially the men, dress very traditionally in button downs and khakis.
Fashion is different all around the U.S. From the Mid-West to Miami, Fl, the style ranges. It is what makes American fashion and culture so popular and trendy. The different styles influence the country and are shared all over. Cowboy boots, jean shorts, and preppy clothing are just a few styles started in certain parts of the U.S. but are shared all over and represent our country and culture.

From the most recent Runway shows to old vintage styles, there are always new and old trends coming about. A fashion designer's job is to be up to date with the latest trend and design new clothing. Celebrities then wear these new clothes and that is when the style/trend is noticed and either loved or hated. The more the people rant about a new style, the more popular it will get, causing it to be popular and the newest fashion trend.
Fashion & Beauty
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