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Digital... now loading at CSB

No description

Jag Design

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Digital... now loading at CSB

Welcome So, what's happened to Comms? Our brave new world Digital Services Strategic
Communication Media Strategy BIG Strategic communication PLAN easier + simpler Communicate with Digital Strategic Communication Media Yes some work will
be outsourced Right here, RIGHT NOW. Think wins approved more freedom [and independence] but it will be tightly scrutinised + guided outside the box Let's take US Government 252 Australian Federal Government 36 here to stay! Victorian State Government New South Wales Government 47 33 Storm safety Army games Australia Post services Money Medibank Marketing medicines Quit smoking Travel Tourism Consumer affairs Courts Daily List Family history Fishing Events Museums Teen drinking Tram tracker Games for kids Queensland Schools App [DETE] Sun Booth App [HEALTH] Policelink App [POLICE] Queensland Holidays App [TOURISM] Take a Stand App [DETE] New Zealand's 2012 Android + iPhone + tablet friendly Cost $59k [funded by $100,000 in savings in Budget printing costs] Updated annually and used as a base for other info Budget Day App Ashley Brown, Director for Digital Communications, Coca-Cola Company "We wondered, 'was it really working as hard for us as it could?'" The "The last time the corporate website was redesigned was in 2005, a lifetime in technology." approach "A more
consumer focussed philosophy." Articles News Entertainment Opinion pieces Video Audio Photo galleries Blogs Biographies Jobs Social media success [Queensland Police] Within 24 hours of the January 2011 floods the number of Facebook followers rose to 165,000 During this time, the page received a record 39,000,000 story views or the equivalent of 450 hits per second Apps are "The advantage of social media platforms Twitter and Facebook to the ABC were that they built communities and were excellent tools for breaking news." Mark Scott, ABC CEO
May 2012 campaign Barack Obama's 5 million friends 13 million email subscribers 8.5 million website visits per month 3 million + online donations Meet Julie Carly Janine Steph Tim our team Any questions? Thanks for joining us today* Like what you've seen today? We built this presentation in Prezi Our video was created in Flash now loading at CSB a closer look How does this
equate to you Massive, award winning digital and social media campaign 34,000 entries from 200 countries $2.5million strategy, returning $390 million in global publicity for Queensland Tourism Queensland 2009 Paul ? Let others do your messaging Horizontal news
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