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Cyber bullying


john smith

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Cyber bullying

Cyber Bullying What constitutes Cyber Bullying? Mean or threatning e-mails
Forwarding a private IM communications to others
Website set up to mock others
Posting embarrasing photos or videos
Insulting others on online games
Gossip e-mail to hurt others
How to prevent Cyber Bullying Don't share e-mails
Don't share passwords
Don't give full name
Don't phone number
Don't smack talk to others
Don't tell adress information
...Etc If you are Cyber Bullied...

Talk to the bully
Tell an adult
Save the messages Tell bully to stop Real life examples... Ryan halligan commited suicide because of... Cyber Bullying caused Alexis Pilkington to commit suicide.
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