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Marriage is a Private Affair

No description

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Marriage is a Private Affair

Marriage is a Private Affair
: Son of Okeke. Grew up in the Ibo village. Fiance of Nene , even though his father disapproves of his marriage he still becomes Nene's husband.
: Fiance of Nnaemeka, not accepted by her husband's father but later becomes his wife. From the village Ibibio. Good Christian & a teacher in a girls' school in Lagos.
: Father of Nnaemeka. An Ibo. Against his son's marriage decision.
Ugoye Nweke
: eldest daughter of Jacob Nweke. The women Nnaemeka's father wants him to marry. With the best Christian upbringing.
: a highly practical man who suggested a herbalist for Nnaemeka.
The Children
: The children of Nnaemeka and Nene
Lagos , Nigeria
An Igbo village in Nigeria
External Conflict : Okeke and his son Nnaemeka is the external conflicts because Okeke wants to chose his son's wife for him and does not approve of Nnaemeka's decision of getting marrying her because of his beliefs in his religion and the belief that families should arrange the marriage , which causes him not to acknowledge his wife's son.
Internal Conflict : Nnaemeka's decision to marry Nene even though his father would disown him is the internal conflict because even though he knows everyone will treat him different and push aside him and Nene for breaking the customs , he still gets married.
Plot Summary
A young guy from another village meets a young girl in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. They fall in love and intend to get married. The young girl tried to convince the young guy to send a letter to his father telling him of their engagement not knowing that the young guy knows he has someone arranged to get married by his dad already due to their traditional customs. Instead, he goes home to the village to inform his father in person that he can not marry who he chose because he is not going to let customs decide who he will marry no matter what the consequences bring. His father refuses to acknowledge his son's wife and stops talking to his son because of his betrayal. He receives a letter from his son informing him he is a grandpa and the father's perspective changes in order to have his grandchildren in his life.
Literary Terms & Vocabulary Terms
Cosmopolitan : sophisticated
Amazon : an exceptionally tall , strong woman.
Calabar : a seaport in southeastern Nigeria.
Homily : tedious, moralizing lecture ; sermon.
Dissuasion : the persuading of someone not to perform an action.
Herbalist : a person who is expert in the use of medicinal herbs.
Commiserate : to express sorrow or pity for anothers trouble.
Theological : having to do with the study of God and religion.
Deference : courteous regard or respect.
Persevere : to persist in the face of difficulties.
Perfunctorily : in a careless, uninterested way.
Forsaken : abandoned forsake
Remorse : deep sense of guilt over a wrong one has done.
By Valery Gomez , Jordan Lopez , Ryan Wooldridge , Justin Crawford
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