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NZ English Immersion

No description

Andrew Cheung

on 19 September 2016

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Transcript of NZ English Immersion

Program Details
3 key elements in the programs
Fun &

Why NZ & us?
Morning in school classroom with learning materials
Age 11 or above
Depart in mid-July, NZ's winter of 5 to 15 degree
Group size: 15 to 20 students, with 1 trip leader and 1 local English teacher
Budget (all-inclusive):
Program cost $19,500
CX air-fare estimation: $6,800 (actual cost to be used, such as $2,000 summer surcharge starting July 12)
Fuel surcharge est (age below 12): $2,400 (actual cost to be used)
Early bird discount: 8% on local cost for enrollment on or before Jan 11(Fri)
Buddy discount: 4% if joining with friend(s) from different school
English Immersion in New Zealand
To move on, press again to see why the program is effective and safe for your kids
Afternoon real life exposures in heritage sites, factory, horseback, beach and etc with English learning opportunities
Full day excursions that your kids will never forget
Maori village and culture
Rotorua: the most popular tourist destination in NZ
Waitomo glowworms cave
Marshall Animal Farm
Drift Karting
Alternative - rock climbing
Homestay -
A caring host is utmost to your kid for after school life, such as dinner and accommodation
more... the most effective language learning environment that your kids could have
and more... stepping out of cultural comfort zone will have significant impact on your kids - not taking things for granted as at home

but understandably a major concern for parents
Before becoming a host family, the applicant families will be vetted by police
A form to the police:
stating that the host's role is like a parent / guardian / caregiver

asking to provide not only conviction information but also any information such as victim or complainant, and family violence incidents

Vetting for every member of the applicant family.
A better understanding of the homestay host selection process will help you to assess the risk
Our special policy for upper primary and early secondary students
participant must be age 11 or older
2 boys in one home
2 girls in one home with at least one daughter
the 1st night spent together in a Maori village house to help your kids to adapt to the local condition as a group
We will visit every home in the 2nd and 4th nights to check if all parties are happy with the arrangement
A sample of police vetting result
Why New Zealand ?
Less use of rhyming slang, idiomatic expressions and humorous expressions than nearby countries
Very high educational standards
The Ministry of Education operates a Code of Practice for the benefit of international students, such as the vetting system for homestay
Why Tauranga ?
the fastest growing area in NZ because of its benign climate and unspoiled coastal location, but still much less urbanized than Auckland
many high calibre teachers have moved in to keep pace with the population growth
Rich in Maori culture, natural beauties & sports activities, and close to Rotorua, the biggest tourist attraction in NZ
Modern town centre where the school locates
Why Bay of Plenty English Language School (BOPELS), the partner of Global Sapiens?

founded in 1997, BOPELS provides a professional, friendly, safe learning environment
owned by the Christian Education Trust, which has founded, besides BOPELS, the Bethlehem College, Bethlehem International School, and five early childhood centres, all providing quality education
About the teachers:
All with teaching qualification such as ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Language)
With the students all the time during the day, including the excursions
Warm homestay hosts (parent & kids) in farewell party
A: Location of language school
Mt. Manganui
To move on, just press again
Thank you - We hope you enjoy our Prezi

About Global Sapiens EduTour Ltd:
Specialist in optimizing educational values for students' overseas trips
Experienced in serving both local and international schools, including schools in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Beijing
We design and implement carefully balanced program with emphasis beyond classroom learning to include personal growth and one world mind of students
Go to http://www.globaledutour.org/ for more details
Occasional exchange with other local students
Picnic with host families
Teacher accompanying students in all outdoor environment
Honey bees and honey factory
Kiwi trees
Mt Maunganui & sealife
Fun on horseback
Heritage site
Hot salt water pool
(955 Km from Tauranga)
(comprehensive safety measures in place for participants of all ages)
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