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The Scorch Trials

No description


on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of The Scorch Trials

"The Scorch Trials", sequel to " Maze Runner", is an exciting story about adventure, love and betrayal. Thomas and the other Gladers have escaped the Maze only a week before they are thrown into another Trial. they must cross a huge desert called the Scorch. But the clock is ticking. They must cross the Scorch, get to a mysterious 'safe have' in two weeks or they will all die. Will the awful heat, the Flare (a disease that will slowly turn one crazy and cannibalistic) or ninja fighting girls kill these poor orphan boys first? Read the series to find out.
Main Characters
Thomas is a brave, but confused kid who tries to help others, but he wants to survive. He is about 15, has brown hair and blue eyes.

Teresa is a strong-willed, brave girl who befriends Thomas. She is a beautiful girl with pale skin and dark hair.

Minho is the sarcastic, but loyal leader of the Gladers. He wants revenge on the people who put them in the Maze and in the Scorch.

Newt is the steady support for the Gladers. He will sacrifice himself for others.

Figurative Language
Simile: "Motes dancing like gnats.
"The pain in his head rocked and throbbed like a steady drum."

Onomatopoeia: "Ouch." "Pop." "Boom."

Personification: "A light came on. Bright and stabbing.

Metaphor: "I'm as tougher than nails.

The setting is in the Scorch,which is a vast desert with rocky cliffs and no vegetation or water. The main problem there is the 100 degree temperature or above. But when lightning storms strike there is no stopping them. The rain falls as hard as rocks falling from the sky and lightning bolts fall on those dumb enough to be outside.
About the Author
John Dashner was born and raised in Georgia. He grew up with five brothers and sisters. Now he lives in the Rocky Mountains with his wife and four kids. He had a master's in accountancy but always wanted to write. The Maze Runner series was greatly inspired by "Ender's Game" and "Lord of the Flies". James Dashner's other books are "The 13 Reality","Infinity Ring","Eye of Minds" and more.
The climax is when Teresa betrays Tom. She tricks him into coming to a cave. Then she forces him into a room, where he comes very close to death. The falling action is when the group makes it to the 'safe haven'.They must fight their way to a flying aircraft that will take them to safety. The resolution is when they finally get to relax. Then Thomas is separated from the other Gladers. What will happen next?
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