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Drawing Conclusions

Unit Day 1

Liz Iannacone

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Drawing Conclusions

Conclusions, & Making Inferences Directions Presto!! by Pixar Opportunity to move clips up.... Essential
Question How can we use illustrations and words from a story or image to draw conclusions and make inferences? What does it mean to draw a conclusion? Drawing conclusions is using what we already know to figure out what people will say and do What have we talked about previously that uses illustrations and words from a story....? Predictions!! We need to know how
to make predictions to draw conclusions! use what you know
what the text tells you
make your best guess Examples But before we move on... What is a fact? something that is known to be true How do we use facts to draw conclusions? Now to dig a little deeper... Inferences Readers understand more about a story when they look for clues in what the characters say and do. Drawing Conclusions
Inference Quick Review What is a... fact?
Inference? Inference Examples they are wearing coats... That must mean it's cold outside --> --> Those must be some dedicated Giants fans! What can we infer
from this picture? 1. What are the facts?
2. What conclusions can we draw?
3. What inferences can we make? Activity Time! 1. Wait for Ms. Iannacone to put you with a partner

2. You two will have a scene or idea that I want you to illustrate

3. Use what you have learned about drawing conclusions and inferences to portray that idea. Scavenger Hunt 1. Wait to hear your group
2. Read your prompt
3. Try to find your clue
4. Talk with your group about your clue What did everyone find? Using what we know of drawing conclusions and inferences, what do we think these clues mean together? Any

Clear off your desks please :) How can we use illustrations and words from a story or image to draw conclusions ? Essential Question Review What is the difference between facts and drawing conclusions?

How are they related? How do conclusions apply to everyday life?

How can drawing conclusions help us become better readers in the future? Conclusion Review from last time What is a fact?

What does it mean to draw conclusions?

How do we use facts to draw conclusions? Shel Silverstein poems What is the difference between facts and drawing conclusions.... and inferences? How do all three rely on each other? What conclusions can we draw here? What are some facts and conclusions for this image? Why the conclusions are important What are some facts?
inferences? 1. I am a person.
2. I like to help people.
3. I have a special uniform.
4. I climb ladders often.
5. I don't mind being close to scorching things.
6. I usually drive around in a red vehicle.
Who am I? What are some facts, conclusions and inferences we can make about this? Jeopardy Time 1. Listen for your group
2. Come up with a team name
3. Listen to rules of Jeopardy
4. Play nicely
5. Be respectful!
6. Have fun drawing conclusions and making inferences :) How do conclusions & inferences apply to everyday life? Are they important?

How can we use inferences to help us become better readers in the futures?

How can we use inferences to become more skilled at viewing art? Facts are clues! We use the clues to draw conclusions!
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