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Wayne Bertram Williams

No description

Ashley Kowalski

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Wayne Bertram Williams

Wayne Bertram Williams
"The Atlanta Monster"
The Atlanta Child Killer"
"The Atlanta Child Murder"

- Arrested 6/21/1981 at age 23
- Convicted of the first murder 6/23/1981
- Convicted of second murder 2/27/1982
- Sentenced to, 2 life sentences
- In Hancock State Prison
- Denied bond
Early Years
- Born on May 27, 1958 in Atlanta Georgia
- 1973 At age 15 he worked as an announcer for WIGO radio.
- 1974 He owned a radio station
- 1976 He graduated with honors from his high school.
- 1977 He attended Georgia State University, majored in psych and business administration

The Way out
- Male
- African American
- 5'7"
- Only child
- Born in Atlanta Georgia
- Lived with both parents, parents married
- No siblings
- Good home / family life
- He was supposedly homosexual and single

Trouble Begins
- 1976 At age 18 he was arrested for impersonating a police man. (Not convicted)
- Dropped out of college 1979.
Killings Begin
- At age 21 he started killing, 1979.
- He strangled 7, suffocated 8, beat 2, stabbed 2 and 4 were undetermined.
- African American boys ages 9-28 were his target.
- He was suspected of 23-30+ murders, only convicted of 2.
- He did not confess to any murders
Over View
- "The Atlanta Monster"
- "The Atlanta Child Killer"
- "The Atlanta Child Murderer"
- Organized lust killer
- He is now 56 in prison still alive
- Pleaded to NGRI (Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity)
- Plead was unsuccessful
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