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Finding Nemo Assignment

No description

Josh B

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Finding Nemo Assignment

Finding Nemo,
The Marine Biome Assessment By: Lupe & Josh Nemo lives in a Sunlight zone of the ocean 1: There are two main ecosystems in this zone: Estuaries and Coral Reefs. The clown fish and sea anemone have symbiotic relationship. Explain their relationship? The anemone protects the clown fish from predators Marlin (Nemo's father) was scared he will venture into The Dark Zone, or the drop off. 4: What type of fish helps Dori and Marlin read the mask? It is called a "Deep sea angler" 5: Explain the affect of the smell of blood on sharks, why do you think this happens? It helps them to find food. 7: The light helps attract fish, so that the angler may eat. 6: Name the current that helps Marlin and Dori find Australia. The East Australian Current. 8: Do you think this is a warm or cold current?
Why? Warm, because of the warmth from the equator 9: What type of deep sea adaptation does this organism have? What controls the currents? Influences from wind and temperature are what controls the currents. 10: Explain 3 ways the aquarium in the dentists office was similar to a tiny ecosystem. A B C Fake coral The filter Seaweed Marlin and Dori were supposed to travel Through the trench. 12: The harbor is located in the Sunlight Zone. 13: 2: 3:
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