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No description

hyoungseob kim

on 27 August 2013

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Main Characters
Theodore Boone is a 13 year old boy.
Woods Boone (Theo's dad)
Marcella Bonne (Theo's mom)
Ike Boone (Theo's uncle)
Judge Gantry
About Theodore Boone
He is a 13 years old, Both of his parents are lawyers. He's an only child in his family, and he is lives in strattenburg. He has a pet dog, and that dog's name is "Judge", which he rescued from animal court. He loves law and wants to be at about every court case.
Problem 2
Theodore Boone, a thirteen-year-
old, thinks he is a lawyer. His parents
are both lawyers, and he visits them
in their offices in court everyday. He
also watches many court cases.
Then, Theo gets his chance to really be like a lawyer.
Question 1
question 2
question 3

Theo is a child that is involved with the law. If you were his family or friend he could help you with almost anything law problem wise. Were Theo lives there has not been a murder trail for a long time. This murder trail will be part of history. If Theo was a real life character I would love to be his friend. He could help me or my family with any law problems that I need help with.
question 4
Bobby Escobar works at the same golf field that Pete was playing during the murder. He believes that he has crucial evidence in the case, but is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador. If he were to report to the police, he would be brought into custody and shipped back to El Salvador.
what stated it all,
Secrets Revealed
Theo discusses what he should do about his problem with his Uncle Ike. Ike and Theo tell his parents. Then then they all tell Judge Gantry about it in private. The judge then postpones the day that the trial will be continued so he can think about it. On the day the trial continues, Gantry declares declares a mistrial. That means that the trial will be stopped or a couple months because of new information that can change the case's outcome. It really helped give the eyewitness and Theo time to talk things over so that they could get the witness to realize that he wasn't going to be arrested as an illegal immigrant.
BY: John Grisham
Too much,
That's all I need
Spreading the truth,
Rising clues
Shining Light
Messed Up,
Good Advice
Question 5
I'm disagree with this statement, because if someone did bad thing he/she need to has crime's punishment, but we can't presumed someone, because that person can has a reason for this crime, and sometimes he/she didn't really crime and he/she got a false charge from other person.
Thank you for watching
About John Grisham
John Grisham is the author of 21 novels, one work of non-fiction, and one collection of stories. His works are translated into 38 languages. He lives in Virginia and Mississippi.
Main Charater
Theodore Boone
Woods Boone (Theo's dad)
Marcella Boone (Theo's Mom)
Ike Boone (Theo's Uncle)
Julio Pena
Bobby Escobar
April Finnemore
Peter Duffy
Judge Gantry
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