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Telescopes and Waves

No description

Courtney Bergstrom

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Telescopes and Waves

Telescopes Refracting Telescope Uses objective lens Refracts or bends light lens gathers light
and forms a single image (curved piece of glass) Contains an eyepiece to focus and form an image Reflecting Telescopes use mirrors to reflect primary mirror is curved and
reflects light to a secondary mirror secondary mirror (flat)
reflects image to the eyepiece refracting reflecting waves waves waves!!! a disturbance that moves through space and time wave Remember... the electromagnetic spectrum is the arrangement of electromagnetic waves according to wavelength and frequency Wavelength the distance between
a point on the wave and the next identical point the number of waves that passes
by a particular point in a second frequency Crest = top of a wave Trough = bottom of wave very important waves pass through empty space All waves travel at the speed of light 300,000 km/sec
186,000 miles/sec now that's fast!!!
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