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Fixed-Choice Tests & Complex- Performance Assessments

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syah zureen

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Fixed-Choice Tests & Complex- Performance Assessments

Types of Assessment Procedures
Fixed-Choice Test
Advantages of Fixed-choice Test
Disadvantages of Complex-Performance Assessments
Complex-Performance Assessments
essay question
open-ended mathematics problems
laboratory experiment
creation of art
oral presentation
exhibition of student's work
Complex -Performance Assessment :

-relies on extended task

-relies on the analysis of complex student performances

open -math question
laboratory experiment
Intention :

-reflect long-term instructional goal

-solve problems of importance outside the confine of the school
more time consuming and score than fixed-choice tests
Fixed-Choice Tests & Complex-Performance Assessments
Multiple-choice test
Objective scoring
High reliability for a given period of time
Responses can be machine scored
Students are allowed only a brief period to respond
more time consuming
Requires a high degree of expertise and training
More time consuming
1. A farmer grows 196 pounds of potatoes. He sells them to a grocer who divides them into 5 pound and 2 pound bags. If the grocer uses the same number of 5 pound and 2 pound bags, how many bags of each did he use? (5m)
Disadvantages of Fixed-choice Test
overemphasize factual knowledge and low-level skills at the expense of higher order problem solving and conceptual skills
drive instructions that are inconsistent with current understandings of cognition and learning
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