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Globalization and its impact on the fashion industry

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shunraj t

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Globalization and its impact on the fashion industry

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Globalization and its impact on the fashion industry
What is fashion ?

Accessibility of latest fashion trends (more readily available)
Outburst of numerous and massive social networks and blogs,
Magazines, music videos, films ,internet & television
Creation of open market and free trade amongst countries 

Change of individual preferences
Unique styles Follow a trend
Global style

Production - Developed countries Developing countries
Low prices
Cheap labor
Competitive advantage
cashmere – Scotland, leather – Spain

Net gain in the level of world wide employment
Present- >60% world cloth exports from developing countries

Emergence of more and more global designers

Sweden -71.7  Malaysia 597
Norway -65.4  Bangladesh 416
Austria -64.9 Sri Lanka 385
Poland -51.5 Indonesia 334
Syria -51.0 Philippines 271
France -50.0 Korea. 137

4. High demand for newest trends and styles
Fashion is constantly moving, changing and being reinvented and reinterpreted
Peoples’ desire to flaunt expensive and latest dresses

5. A way of bonding people
unleashing the marvelous cultural designs
unleashing each countries traditions and culture

Globalization is the economic and social process
whereby local markets and cultures are increasingly dominated by global markets and cultures.

Globalization affects various factors
Fashion is increasingly becoming very dominant force
Globalization has significant effect
Individuals choose clothing
Personal style(work related-casual outing)
Favorable impacts
Adverse impacts
Impact of globalization on the fashion industry
Favorable impacts of globalization over fashion industry
3. More investment in developing countries
Percent changes in employment in the
TCF industries
TCF-Textile, clothing and footwear
Adverse impacts of globalization over fashion industry

Manufacturers locating factories in china

Price are kept relatively high with the claim that they are still handmade
by European artisans

Rip out “made in tags” – (Europe)

Small tags inside pockets

Manufactured in china – small accoutrements (buttons) in Europe-claim made in Europe

Italy – city of Prato

Products – by Chinese factories in Italy – Tag –”made in Italy “

. Intellectual property and piracy
Fashion designers (U.S. ) - not protected under intellectual property laws
Stealing of designs over internet
Zara and Forever21 – new trend-fast fashion
Pirated designs are released before the original design

Environmental challenges
Cheap clothing products –
synthetic fabrics
energy-intensive production process
large emissions, including volatile organic compounds
release of pesticides in cotton crops
“fast fashion” leads to lots of waste
old fashions come out of style 
Americans - 68 pounds of clothing and textiles/person/year
Affects animals
Removal of fur - very disturbing and hurtful way

What is globalization?
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