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Elevator Speech Writing 101

No description

Jolene Fan

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Elevator Speech Writing 101

Welcome to the Lobby
Elevator Speech Writing 101
Speaker: Jolene Fan
of your dream workplace
You are going to meet a recruitment officer and you want to impress them.
- a conversational, friendly, introductory piece that you can deliver no matter what
- named because its length should be less than or equal to the time you spend in an elevator which is usually about 60 seconds
Why not use an Elevator Speech?
What is an Elevator Speech?
What should an elevator speech include?
-fundamental interests, goals, achievements, but most importantly, PERSONALITY.
Meeting Room.
What is an elevator speech?
What should an elevator speech include?
Do NOT discuss religion, politics, race, or gender biases.
Elevator speech specifics
Elevator speech taboos
How to start/How to deliver
Try it!
- languages spoken (if more than 1)
- corporate experience
- pertinent interests: projects that have to do with your major
- examples of TEAMWORK
Things to include:
-education level
Do NOT include:
- personal issues
- management only phrases
- test scores
- age
- health
-income/current position
"I prefer leading people."
How to deliver an Elevator Speech
- speak clearly
- be YOU
- be careful of time constraints
- be aware of the "smart" people
-let them be smart!
- talk/ask about the company (only positive)
Start a conversation:
- weather, arts, and leisure
Try it!
- Introduce yourself
- Key points:
- what you do
- what you want to do
- achievements
-distinguishing factors
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