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erika steinger

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Review

Do Now:
List an example of each of the following:
Vivid Adjectives
An adjective is a describing word that is added to nouns to describe color, kind, amount, etc. Vivid adjectives are extremely descriptive adjectives that help to paint a picture in the reader's mind.
The expert student answered the teacher's question.

The ancient documents were very fragile.
Sensory Details
What are your senses? You have five of them.

Sensory words or details are words/phrases that appeal to your senses.
Transitional Words/Phrases
Transition words and phrases help to connect your thoughts more clearly.
Common Transition Words and Phrases
Transition words/phrases can be used in each of the following categories:
-a vivid adjective
-a sensory detail
-a transitional word or phrase
The radiant sun hung brightly in the cloudless sky.
The aromatic candle filled the room with the smell of pumpkin.
The student was given detention as a result of his behavior in class.
Addition Illustration
Compare/Contrast Generalizing
Consequence Similarity
Direction Sequence
Emphasis Summarizing
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