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Business Report: Pukkelpop

No description

Han Wuyts

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Business Report: Pukkelpop


180,000 2010

195,000 2011

Crisis “We were hit by extreme heavy weather”. (Fire chief, Bert Sluisen)
“This is the saddest day that Pukkelpop has ever been through.” (organisation leader Chokri Mahassine)
“Hasselt, Kiewit, Pukkelpop are undoubtedly living the saddest night in their entire existence.” (mayor of Hasselt, Hilde Claes) Boston bomb attack shows impact social media in crisis situation PKP 2011 | Boston 2013

flash crisis

Act of God | Attack
fast-burning | long-shadow •Plan: implementation of social media

•Sources: organization versus others

•Microblogging environments: self-organization

•Accidental journalism “The sky is pitch-black in Brussel... I wish you all the best at Pukkelpop! #pp11”
“I feel pity with #pukkelpop! Here, the sky was pitch black for 15 minutes! And there was cloud-burst, lightning, thunder... ai ai!”
“Serious thunderstorm in Hasselt. I hope for a happy end at Pukkelpop” “The camping tents are blowing away #pp11.”
“Heavy storm at pukkelpop. Chateau tent is blown away. There is panic. I am sheltering in a toilet. #pp11”
"#hasselthelpt I have a place to sleep for the night.” Crisis situation model of SCCT Victimage: illustrations #prayforboston #BostonMarathon Types of crisis Digital crisis communication Before the storm Number of tweets per minute During and after the storm
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