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Maria Siddqu

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Inuits

The inuit use all different kinds of tools and weapons to survive.The inuit use harpoons,walrus,bow and arrow,the unaq and the kavaik and the stone knife.
The inuits survive in the arctic cold. The arctic temperature is below -30 .By surviving the arctic cold they make igloos and igloos are easy and fast to make so they get warm and the inuits make warm cloths from the caribou hide.
Inuits had no doctors or modern medicines to help them treat injuries and disases.Instead they developed their own remedies using whatever was available in the Arctic.
The Inuits speak the inuit language Inuktitut.
Relation ships / family
Did you know that inuit where called Eskimo.
The inuits are hunter because not many plants grow in the Arctic . They mostly hunt seals,walrus, belugawhale,polarbear,muskoxen and caribous but in the summer they mostly eat birds , plants and berries ( including birds eggs ) .
The religion of the inuit was animism.The inuit beliefs that all non-living and living thing (even people) had a spirit. When the spirit died, then it continued on in the spirit world.The only people who had enough power to control the spirits were the powerful religious leader called the Shamans or Angakoks.Shamans used charms and dance as a mean to communicate with the spirit wold. Shamans also wore carved mask- mostly representing animals-while performing their rituals. it was believed that masks had powers that enabled them to communicate with the spirits. To appease the spirits the Shamans would make recommendations. They would suggest offering gifts to the spirits moving away and sometimes would fine the person for breaking the rules and angering the spirits.

The Inuit are descended from whale hunters who migrated from Alaska to Greenland and the Canadian Arctic around 1000 AD . Major changes in Inuit life and culture occurred during the Little Ice Age (1600–1850).
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