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The Anatomy Of Andrew Clements

No description

matthew griggs

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of The Anatomy Of Andrew Clements

Professional Works
About 2 years after teaching, Andrew went into the publishing business. His boss would give him writing jobs. On one of the jobs he worked with Yoshi (an artist) and wrote "Big Al". After that he started writing books like "Frindle" and books about school. That's when he became popular.
Andrew's parents were very avid readers. This love of books passed down to Andrew and the rest of his siblings.
Personal Events
The main reason Andrew wanted to be a writer started when he would stay at the lake in Maine. What really set him off was a personal event in high school when he got an A+ on a poem that his teacher personally loved. This made Andrew think he was a pretty good writer and he decided to go to college.
Then and Now
Andrew Clements was born in Camden , New Jersey in 1949 and lived in Oaklyn and Cherry Hill until the middle of the 6th grade and then moved to Spring Field, Illinois.
Andrew's family would go on vacation almost every summer and stay on a lake in Maine. At the lake there were no phones, no television, or email, so they would play during the day and at night they would read.
Andrew went to Spring Field High School and for college he went to North Western University. After college he was a teacher for about 7 years and after that he wrote books in a small shed. His first book was "FRINDLE".


The Anatomy Of Andrew Clements
Since he was a kid, Andrew's main hobby was reading but as he became an adult he loved both reading and writing as his hobbies.
Family life
In Andrew's first year of teaching he got married to a woman who had a professional job in the Chicago theater. After a few years they had a son. While school enrollments began declining, he started getting fired from his jobs. Andrew and his family moved to New york for a more stable career.
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