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Key to


Tom Griffin

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Key to


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and present...
Ultimate Goal
Justice Sector?
HCPC Standards of Proficiency
made up of 15 standards
designed to ensure minimum standards for the profession
help to protect the service user.....but also to help protect the therapist
range from confidentiality to record keeping, from good communication to continuing professional development (CPD)
Examples of important HCPC standards

Standard 1
"be able to practice safely and effectively within their own scope of practice"

Standard 4
"be able to practice as an autonomous professional, exercising their own professional judgement"

Standard 11
"be able to reflect on and review practice"

Standard 14
"be able to draw on appropriate knowledge and skills to inform practice"
Scope of
"Your scope of practice is the area or areas of your profession in which you have knowledge, skills and expertise to practice lawfully, safely and effectively, in a way that meets our standards and does not pose any danger to the public or yourself"

HCPC Standards of Proficiency, 2014
HCPC Standards of Proficiency
Scope of Practice
Continued Professional Development (CPD)
Step 1:
Step 2:
Appropriate Tools to Help Build on these Foundations
Working in Schools?
Mental Health?
Public Sector?
Several tools have been developed to help therapists to address the legal foundations such as:

Knowledge & Skills Framework (KSF) (NHS only)
NQP competency framework
CPD Diary
RCSLT NQP Competency Framework

should be completed within 2 years of starting work
designed to be flexible & adaptable to specific areas
supervisor & supervisee agree on how these will be evidenced
can be taken with NQP from job to job if necessary
Step 3:
& Support
"For safe & effective practice the RCSLT recommends that NQPs must undertake a comprehensive programme of supervision & support between 12 - 18 months"
"Good supervision & support will establish good working practices & help develop self confidence"
The RCSLT Supervision Guidelines 2012
Line Management Supervision
"As part of our training we are taught to pay attention to client needs, &
it is often difficult to focus on our own needs. It is even considered selfish,
self indulgent. Yet our need are there nonetheless. They are there in our
very motives for the work we do...It is not the needs themselves, but the
denial of them that we beleive can be so costly...Knowing ourselves, our
motives & our needs makes us more likely to be of real help"
(Hawkins & Shohet, 1989/2007)
Involve setting objectives jointly
Involve collaborative problem-solving
Enable the NQP to develop solution-focussed practice & if appropriate to identify the next steps of the competency development
At least weekly during the first 3/12 & monthly thereafter
Clinical Supervision
Create a learning environment that promotes critical reflective practice
Help practitioners to overcome the demands created by the nature of work
Promote health, well being & confidence across the area of clinical practice
At least weekly during the first three months & monthly thereafter
A workplace mentor or buddy
SLTs & other colleagues within and/or outside the service
RCSLT Clinical Excellence Networks (CENs), Hubs, managers & ASLTIP groups
Joint working
Clinical meetings, in-service training & training seminars

Supervision (types & frequency)
Supervision policy in the department
CPD options
SLT & Counsellor
Working for 28 years
Supervision & support central to working life
Throughout career received supervision
When applying for a job....
Clinical Supervision
General informal support
Step 1
Step 2
The Tools
Step 3
& Support
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