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You will get a clear veiw of Casey Litlle in the book minutes.

Destini Miller

on 28 April 2010

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MAKING JUDGEMENTS you have probably heard of the book
15 minutes. my judement about Casey Little is:He is a silly person. He can be funny at times,but he is a little impatient. Here are some ways he is impatient: - he did not even let the go-back have a rest to settle
down. He just kept running it out. Also he has a short temper. he gets so mad at his sister, one time he splashed a wave
pool of water at her. Casey little is also nice. like how he let his best friend
experience the powers of the
go-back and that is my judement of Casey
Little, from the book: sorry, but thats the end of this project.
hope you got a clear view of the kind
of person Casey little is. casey little is also lazy. and he wonders why he is always late for school
and sent to the princapals office. So my main judements for casey little is: silly,funny,impatient,short tempered, and lazy. project by: Destini Miller bye!!!!
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