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SCORE - Become an Expert

Exploring the E and how it makes an IMPACT

Cassandra Sheekey

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of SCORE - Become an Expert

Project 600 Reading Strategies SCORE Reading Strategies You're Becoming a Reading Expert! Using SCORE encourages and nurtures readers to become active and engaged participants in a text who have the ability to go beyond the author’s ideas to thoughts that are increasingly autonomous, transformative, and ultimately independent of the written text. They ultimately become reading experts. So What is a Strategy? A strategy is a plan to help you achieve something. So reading strategy helps you to achieve understanding of the text. Another word for understanding is comprehension. This happens when you have confidently used the SCORE process to enhance your understanding of a text SCORE Framework Becoming the Expert Why become a reading expert? Being an Expert Becoming an expert reader means you are becoming an active and engage participant, not only in the text, but in society as well. How, I hear you ask? Well the thing is, texts are a representation of our societies and history and if we can comprehend and analyse texts, we can take the knowledge gained and implement these discoveries in our own lives. Using SCORE allows us to make an IMPACT in our communities! Sheena Cameron, 2009 As a refresher... Use this place mat as a guide to help you through the reading process! If you still have unanswered questions about the text, go back and SCORE it again. When you become an Expert Reader you can: Create Improve Invent Predict Propose Synthesise Argue Conclude Justify Deconstruct Summarise
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