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Properties Of Water

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marsia Deloach

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Properties Of Water

What affect will adding soap to water have on surface tension?

How do different materials affect capillary action?
When you add salt to water the first thing that would probably come to your mind is salt water. But what would happen if you make that salt water into Ice.You would probably think that it would just be salty Ice. Well, you are right, but that's not all there is to it. When adding salt to water it will increase the density and will lower its freezing point.
Properties Of Water
Biology 01.04
How does temperature change affect water's cohesion?

How does temperature change affect Surface Tension?
The way that it affects the surface tension is that when the soap hits the water it separates from the water, making the dirty materials come on the surface. Lets say that you let the water out of the sink that your bar of soap was in. The first thing that you will notice is that there is muck all around the sink.This is because by putting the soap inside of the water the soap reduces the surface tension and as you let the water out the muck that was on the surface is left on the sides and on the bottom of the sink. Now after this has been done you will see what is called Cohesion happening. How you will know is you will see the little drops of water on the sides of the sink, like little magnets clinging on to each other. This is because the negative end of one water molecule attracts the positive end of the of molecule surrounding it.
How does adding salt to water affect the freezing point of water?

Depending on the temperature anything can happen. For an example. If you unplug you freezer for about fifteen minutes you will see that everything in it will have little drops of water on it. The little drops of water will be sliding down or off of things clinging on to each other. This is called Cohesion. After this you will be able to turn your freezer back on.Once the temperature drops you will notice that you might have ice cicles falling from the top of your freezer.This means that in the process of Cohesion the temperature fell leaving the water in the middle of falling.
The way that the temperature changes the surface tension is that when it freezes the ice makes it a lot stronger and it is able to hold weight.This happens because of the water turning into ice the density of the water had gotten lower allowing it to float.
Depending on what the material is capillary action can work in many ways. Trees, for an example are just like plants the water goes into the stem and then into the leaf. But for the human body it it really different. When water goes into the human body the first place that it will go is through your vanes. After it will go into your organs and wash anything out of them that are no good.
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