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German Sign Language

An english presentation about German Sign Language (DGS)

Miriam Kropp

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of German Sign Language

Conflict CI vs. SL
2000 implantation per year
difficult operation; the earlier the better
deaf people: afraid of losing their culture
family problems are often caused by a CI
difference: hearing/deaf relatives
different opinions about education
German Sign Language
"bi-lingual way" (France, later USA)
supporting sign-language
possibility of developing in a manner appropriate to their age

1864: first university for deaf people (USA)
Historical Aspects
Deaf Community
German Sign Language in Detail
Conflict: Cochlea Implant and SL
"oral way" (Germany)
Convention of Milan (1880)
no Sign-Language

National Socialism: enforced sterilisation

1987: University for GSL and Communication
of deaf people (Hamburg)

2002: GSL generally accepted language
but even today: oral method
Deaf Community
about 100.000 to 200.000 people

years ago: just in big cities
teaching the younger ones in secret

nowadays small communities
even in smaller cities

doesn't matter, if you can hear or not as long
as you are able to communicate via sign-language

the deaf don't feel disabled by using sign-language

theatre, art, cinema, dance ...
Historical Aspects
There are "rules"!

advise the opposite, that you want to talk to him
it is important to be as exact as possible

use hand signals, posture, facial expressions (!), posture of the head

finger spelling alphabet
own grammar: subject - object - verb

equal to spoken language
every word has a sign
whisper, cry, speak normal, jokes, satire, philosophy...

new words coming up "every day"
different dialects/languages
Different ways using posture
accompanying sign-language
GSL in Detail
approx. 80,000 germans are deaf
140.000 people need an interpreter
10% of deaf children have also deaf parents

GSL is equal to spoken languages
GSL is a foreign language

different from pantomime
approx. 200.000 germans are able to use GSL

you do not have to be deaf to use it

Rob Davis
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