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Alyssa Kresley Autobiography

No description

Alyssa Kresley

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Alyssa Kresley Autobiography

Autobiography Toddler Hood School Time Growing up seemed to go so well for me because now
I was 5 years old and I loved playing with my older cousions and older family members. Kindergarden was fun but I loved elementery school On May 8, my dad brought home a golden retrever.He was so cute and he was about 1. At two I got a scare on my forehead when i was on my couch i fell and hit my head The only Christmas that I remember was my third Christmas. I was in a red dress with black flowers and my sis had a purple and white dress. I still had a happy time. On my second birthday I remember a Seasomy Street cake and my favorite gift i got was a Barney doll I was born on March 16, 2001 at the Lehigh Valley Hospital. At two months old I had a hernia in my sides, so I needed surdery so that I could live. And I did live, YEY! I was the most Funny baby because I would always barf on my mom. Birth My mom wanted me to be named Pammela Joe, but my big brother Jake came up with the name Alyssa. Thank you Jake! Also im the baby that always tried any thing, even salt and didn't even barf, only on my mom. My first birthday was nice of what i remember of it. I do remember getting a great blueberry smelling teddy bear I still have him to. I named him Blariba. On April 29, 2002 my little sis Tatum came to my life, she had sharp nails at one. She terrified me and some how she still does. Also I was the only little girl that didn't like Dora so when my little sis Tatum turned three, she got lots of Dora stuff. So I was really mad just looking at that stupid Dora. Christmas Day was fun for me and Tatum too because we got to open presents yey. I loved it when my big bro Jake would put a ribbon on my head. I named him Gamer and I was the only one that took care of him. And in two days was my first day of kinder garden. Alot of people that I knew in kindergarten I saw at this school and I even see those people now at LMMS! Alyssa Kresley If you ask what is on my moms shirt, it is barf. Oh no! But I still loved Seasomey Street lol. The time I reallized that my cat acts like a dog. How cute! <- SALT! -> He loved bones. <- ^ -> Alyssa N Kresley :) A week old B) :p Me at two :> ;0 <- Me eleven years old ;D :1 Awesome school -> I loved growing up because I have over 20 pets, I cant even put all there pics and I have a family of eight yey me.
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