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Auggie and me

No description

Peyton smith

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of Auggie and me

The conflict of the book Auggie and me is everyone makes fun of how he looks and doesn't talk to him because of his apperance.
Auggie and me
Why I chose this book?
I chose this book because I read the first book in the series known as wonder. I wanted to read the next one. I also found it intriguing that this book was about all of his friends.
Should you read it?
On good reads I rated this a 3/5 because it wasn't that interesting because i already knew some of the conflicts so it wasn't like reading something for the first time.
The theme in the book Auggie and me is don't judge a book by its cover.
Auggie is a great kid but everyone seems to overlook that because of his appearance.
literary device
This foreshadows how the mom will get in a car accident because she is so stressed out. Chris making her mad ends up with bad consequences.
Auggie and me by: R.J Palacio
I wouldn't recommend reading this book without reading wonder, the first book. It wouldn't make much sense because you wouldn't know who the characters were.
He tries to ignore it but can't help but feel bad. Auggie never wanted this but it was just the way that he was born.
This seems to be a theme throughout the story.
In the book there is one symbol which tells a lot about how Auggie feels.
One year for his birthday he receives a storm trooper helmet which he wears a lot throughout the story. (especially to the park)
It shows how he wants people to see him as a normal kid and he knows to make friends he has to do things differently. This is a step of him figuring out internally who he is.
Picture of August Pullman.
It was still captivating and a nice book
Thank you for listening
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