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Automoblox Car Project

No description

Audrey Sheehy

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Automoblox Car Project

Audrey Sheehy, Annabel Rathmanner, Isabelle Warner Design Brief #1 Individual Parts Automoblox Car Project Pictures of Original Sketches IED 1-2 A Body Connecting Pegs Windshield Axel Peg Wheel Car Body * Client - Retailers that sell kids products * Target Consumer - Ages 3+ * Desginer - Toys for Kids: Annabel Rathmanner, Isabelle Warner, and Audrey Sheehy *Problem Statement- Reverse Engineer a Automoblox car * Design Statement- Research, Brainstorming, Constaints and criteria, and a prototype in inventor Elements of Design Tread * Constraints - Measurements are very close to car. End result should be the car. * Point - Where the wheels are connected to the axel peg is a point that they are able to rotate around. * Line - There are lines that connect the outer circle to the inner axis of the wheel. There are lines on the top of the windsheild. Lines create the outline of the body of the car. * Color- The main color of the car is a light brown, the color of the wood. Along the car there are accents of purple. *Value - The grains in the wood have different values. The wheels, pegs, and windsheild have different values of purple. * Shape - Circles are a main part of the car: wheels, pegs, inserts, etc. The three main parts of the car are rectangles and squares in their most basic form. * Texture - The tread on the wheels have a patterned texture of shapes that extends out from the surface Principles of Design * Unity - The car's symmetry allows the car to have unity. For example: four wheels all in the same places on the car. * Proportion - Everything in the car is proportional. Repeated parts are the same sizes, the car's body is bigger then the wheels, etc. * Emphasis - The darker color of the windsheild and the wheels adds emphasis on those features * Contrast - The grains of the wood contrast with one another and the purple against the light wood. Cars for Kids® Brainstorm Notes: - Bigger wheels
- Flowers on the body of the car
- Changing the color of the windshield
- Changing the color of the treads to pink and orange
- Flower pattern tread

These changements will direct our target market to young girls instead of young boys. Decision Matrix *Client: Automoblox
*Target Consumer: Young girls ages 3-7
* Designers: Annabel Rathmanner, Audrey Sheehy, Isabelle Warner
*Problem Statement: The current purple automoblox is not targeting most girls. More young boys seem to be using the product so we would like to widen the market.
*Design Statement: Design an automoblox car that meets child safety standards and also targets
young girls. Design Brief #2
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